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Signature Series™

Doughboy's Signature Series offers a full range of dynamic features designed to create the ideal swimming pool experience. It's a most exceptional investment.


Zinc Clad™ 11000 Hot Dipped Galvanized Copper Bearing Steel The most comprehensive anti-corrosion galvanizing process available. Designed for maximum durability and long life.
Balanced Corrugation Applied to the inside wall to offer protection against condensation. Also provides a superior bond for the enamel paint application.
Slide-Bar Wall Connector For full structural integrity and easy assembly. No drilled holes which can weaken wall strength.
Positive Seal Skimmer System For a more effective skimmer and return fitting installation and a superior gasket seal.
Pre-punched Skimmer and Return Fitting Openings To eliminate sharp edges which may cut the liner during installation.
Extra-Wide Skimmer Openings For effecient surface cleaning; as wide as most in-ground pools.
In-Pool, Direct Vacuum For easy pool maintenance
Immense, 10.62" Resin Top Rail System This tough, yet handsome, top rail design is easy to install, and provides frame durability and pool longevity.
Huge, injection-molded one-piece Top Connectors For a more attractive appearance with no exposed screw or seams
Massive, steel-reinforced, 7"x9" Resin Vertical Supports Eliminates Top Rail rocking and offers a dynamic design. Steel reinforcement provides maximum strength.
Colorfast Resin Vertical Supports Protects against the sun's damaging rays.
Co-extruded Decorative Accent Stripes Stripes are actually part of the Top Rail and Vertical, not painted or adhered, for long-lasting good looks.
Ultra Violet (U.V.) Stabilizers For protection against the sun's damaging rays.
Com-Pac™ Oval Support System Offers external space savings of 55 inches (271/2 inches each side) over conventional support systems. Designed to accommodate larger pool models in smaller backyards.
Com-Pac™ Support Steel Construction Features Zinc Clad™ 11000/Hot Dipped Galvanizing. Support is concealed within the immense vertical support.
Interlocking Frame Structure For strength and rigidity.
Smooth Frame For a virtually wrinkle free installation and to protect   from cuts and nicks.
Telescoping Stabilizer Rails & Plastic Coping (24") To fasten liner to the pool wall; eliminates liner slippage.
Common Parts For ease of assembly and serviceability.
35 Year Limited Warranty on pool wall and frame. The first year of product warranty are covvered 100% against manufacturer defects. Remainder of warranty is prorated.