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A Little Imagination Goes A Long Way



Leisure Time knows the importance of using a little imagination after all, with a Leisure Time pool and your imagination, your family can truly experience the best in backyard fun and recreation. Just think of the possibilities; enjoying a refreshing swim, watching the kids frolic in a fun and healthy environment, or simply relaxing pool-side with friends and family -- the choice is yours! But that's just the beginning, with proper planning, and a little creative know-how, your Leisure Time above-ground pool can highlight an exciting, new backyard decor: a decor that's uniquely yours!

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Above-Ground Pools....From Leisure Time 
A pool from Leisure Time can form the action center for a whole new idea in family recreation. This affordable investment offers a way of rediscovering the idea that living at home can mean much more than just staying at home. You see, the simple portable pool has come a long way; above-ground pools come in different shapes, sizes, and designer patterns--all designed to meet your needs. Using a Leisure Time pool as the centerpiece, let your imagination go and create an exciting pool environment that's uniquely yours!


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Having a pool in your own backyard is more than just a way of avoiding summer weekend traffic and crowded beaches. It also makes it possible for you to slip into cool, refreshing water after work on a hot summer day, or simply enjoy a quiet moonlight swim.

The Perfect Family Investment

Your own pool is a fine place to keep in shape and have fun at the same time. Pools offer a great way to entertain your friends and family, and also keep your children cool and happy at home. A Leisure Time above-ground pool can also be a terrific investment in terms of improving property, especially if you carefully plan the landscaping that will tie it in with your home.

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Overall, the best idea is to aim for a poolside environment that completely reflects your lifestyle. A few considerations would be privacy, beauty, and utilization of space. Family hobbies and other recreational equipment, eating areas, turf areas and childrens ages are other factors to think about.

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Your Imagine-- Pool Planning pak is designed to offer you suggestions and guidelines on creating a poolside environment designed to meet your needs and your budget. You'll learn about backyard enhancements such as pool decking, and landscaping, and fencing, as well as thoughts on preliminary planning, ground preparation, and selecting the right size pool for your backyard. In addition, we'll also offer some suggestions for those finishing touches that will make your backyard beautiful and uniquely yours!


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We know you're anxious to begin, but please remember, the placement of your pool is an important decision. That's why Doughboy has created the Pool Planning Pak--to help you select the ideal location for your new pool based upon your individual backyard setting.

Preliminary Planning

It is important, prior to starting your pool installation, that you take a few minutes
to consider the following points.

  • Check wall clearances to allow enough working area for your pool installation
  • Check for easements
  • Avoid trees and roots; do not allow leaves to fall into the pool
  • Avoid overhead power lines
  • Avoid underground piping and cables
  • Keep sprinklers away from pool sides
  • Select a pool site that allows for the proper supervision of swimmers as well as viewing children near the pool
  • Position the pump and filter near convenient electrical outlets
  • Avoid overhanging eaves to prevent water and debris runoff from your roof
  • Allow 12 inches of undisturbed soil around your pool (clearance radius)
  • No sudden slopes within 6' of your pool
  • Do not install your pool on any abrasive area such as concrete, asphalt, peat moss, tar paper, gravel, wood, top of grass, or on soil which has recently undergone treatment with petroleum based chemicals.
  • Treat the ground inside the pool area with a non petroleum based fungicide. This may help prevent fungus stains on the liner.
  • Do not install on nut grass or Bermuda grass. See your dealer for special instructions.
  • Rid pool area of burrowing pests and insects such as gophers and termites.
  • Avoid windy days during installation
  • Have 2 or three helpers to assist you during the pool assembly

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