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Putting Your Ideas to Work

To plan the backyard setting that best reflects your life style take time to consider privacy needs, available space, eating areas, locations for other recreational materials,and so on.

Creating the Perfect Landscape

Another important consideration in planning for your backyard decor involves plants and landscaping. Your plant and landscaping selections are limited only by your imagination and budget; but remember even if you're on a limited budget, the right selection of plant life can truly enhance your backyard decor.

Because of the vast array of plants, hedges, trees, shrubs, and vines available, the proper selection for your poolside environment may seem a little overwhelming at first, but don't get discouraged. Before making your selection, take a drive around the neighborhood and spot plants that appeal to you. Then visit the local nursery to find out if these plants are being sold in your area.

Plant picturesKeep in mind that its important to plan when landscaping your backyard. Take trees for example, you should plan the location of shade trees to cool the house and compliment outdoor eating areas--but avoid overhanging branches, especially over your pool, that could drop debris into your pool water. Remember that trees grow, so plan locations on the basis of matured height and spread of the trees.

In addition to learning the growth habits of potential landscaping selections ( quick-spreading, climbing, etc) determine the hardiness and suitability of your landscaping ideas for your climate and pick varieties that are compatible with your geographic location. Also, consider plant and landscaping selections based on coloration and fragrances. One idea is to select pleasant smelling flowers in such a way that at least something is in bloom all year around. This way the color and design of the garden changes with the seasons.

There are some special rules when planning around a pool area, mostly things to avoid:

  • Overhanging branches which can drop debris into the pool.
  • When planting trees, be aware of the root system, since growing roots can cause ground swell and disrupt the pool frame.
  • Select plants and flowers which DO NOT attract bees or insects.
  • Avoid plants which produce fruit or berries which could stain decks and walks.
  • Be careful about plants which have thorns, stickers, or soapy substances.

Following these special rules will help you determine the best plant and landscaping selections to highlight your pool.


Unique Poolside Enhancements

As we said earlier, a little imagination can go a long way; try considering out of the ordinary items for your backyard decor. For example large stones or boulders can make interesting enhancements to your Doughboy poolside environment. Hollowed logs can make eye catching planters, ever think of an old tractor or wagon wheel? If you file off the sharp points, weld moving parts, and paint with no-lead coating, you'll have attractive, unique points of interest.


Perhaps you prefer a more nautical feeling. An old boat can make a great planter, just provide a wooden anchor, and attach it firmly to the ground. Add some colorful plants and flowers and you're on your way. You can enhance this look with thick ropes, pilot wheels, nets, and other seafaring elements.
Remember, since the adults, in the family will tend to use the pool more often in the evening, think about lighting. Outdoor spot lights placed behind plants, illumination around food eating and preparaton areas, and even tiki torches can go together to create a comfortable, useful, and dramatic space. Play up special features you may have, such as a particularly interesting shrub, to get extra mileage out of the backyard experience.


Ideas for Fencing

Fencing a pool area should not be an after thought. Though most communities require that a pool area be fenced in for your safety, this need not mean an eyesore for either you or your neighbors. The fence should be a primary part of your Doughboy poolside environment.

A major consideration when fencing a pool is privacy. There's nothing like a solid wooden fence to add warmth and texture as well as protection from wind and prying eyes. If privacy is not a main concern, you may prefer a more open type of fence such as lattice-style, or chain-link fencing.

If you have a deck and small children are a concern, you might want to consider a second 3 1/2 foot or 4 foot fence located on the deck itself, with a couple of gates installed at strategic points. You may also want to consider Doughboy Optional Above-ground Pool Fencing. This attractive pool fencing, designed for most Doughboy pools, utilizes soft colors and classic lines to blend well with pool colors and classic lines to blend well with pool colors an home styles. Doughboy pool fencing enhances pool security by providing an additional 3 1/2 foot barrier on the top of most Doughboy pool walls. At the same time, this vertical picket fencing provides maximum safety as a barrier against unathorized poolentry. Doughboy Pool Fencing conforms to National Spa & Pool Institute standards.


Deck Out Your Pool In Style

picture of decksA pool addition doesn't have to be expensive. An above-ground pool, with a properly designed deck to augment it, can look like a million dollars and provide the perfect place for your friends and family to lounge between swims.
A popular way to enhance your poolside environment is with wood decking. This decking can range in size anywhere from a complete perimeter treatment to a simple platform with a catwalk partway around it. A more ambitious idea might include building several different levels, increasing in height as they approach the upper edges of the pool. This method of terracing will result in an extremely attractive blending of the yard with the pool.

Pool and Deck
The type of deck that you use will be largely determined by the pool site you choose on your property, and the general terrain surrounding your home. If, for instance, your property is on a hillside, elevated wood decking around the pool that rises step by step, is a natural progression befitting the site. If, on the other hand, your property is flat, you might prefer a single-layer deck, level with the top of the pool, that leads directly from a patio or back door of your house. In any case, be sure to consider proper fencing for the pool, or pool area, to ensure the safety of your family and friends. (See "ideas for fencing" section). You'll also need to install a deck ladder for entry and exit from the pool. Remember, never jump or dive into an above-ground pool!

Whatever type of deck you build, you should think of it as a long-term investment, and therefore one for which the selection of wood is very important. Redwood or the newer pressure-treated woods offer the best value for your money. Both varieties weather well and require very little maintenance in order to look attractive. Be sure to discuss your plans with your local lumber supplier and solicit their advice.

picture of pool railspicture of pool railWhen planning your deck, its helpful to make sure the edge of the deck is built to, but not over the, the pools top connector system. this clearance will allow for easy removal of the top rails and connections, making routine liner maintenance easier. In addition, be sure to provide access for your pool's pump, filter, and skimmer.

Pool and GazeboOnce the primary deck surface has been completed, you can begin to add other structures that will give it a custom look and make it uniquely yours. Most people enjoy lounging beside the water almost as much as swimming. For the sun-shy, a gazebo or sun screen of some kind might be a worthwhile addition. A good swim can make you mighty hungry, too, so a portable barbecue and an outdoor dining area, sheltered under an arbor type structure, would be perfect companion pieces.

A changing-room or cabanna can also be constructed relatively cheaply, providing a pleasant convenience that will not only save wear and tear on the inside of your house, but will also make drying off and changing quick and easy, for visitors as well as family members.

Storage benches for pool and swimming equipment can be an inexpensive solution to the problem of extra seating, as well as to storage needs. Finally, raised planting beds or containers can be constructed from left-over material to provide colorful accents all over the deck. More Deck Pictures