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Liner Replacement Instructions
for Doughboy Liners

in Doughboy Pools
(Caution: Other liners or other
brand pools may not be strong
enough to use these methods for installation)

Think Safety First

Safe and correct use of your Doughboy Pool means swimming and wading only. DO NOT JUMP OR DIVE !!! The above ground pool is not designed for these activites.


Check to see if building permits or utility clearances are required. OBEY ALL SAFETY CODES FOR FENCING AND ALL ELECTRICAL CODES.


Installation of a Doughboy pool liner is not very hard but it is a big job. The job will be easier if you have two or three friends to help with installation. NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT to install a liner into deep area in cool temperatures. Liner will not stretch properly.

Filling Deep Excavated Pools: It is important to remember that the floor of the liner (not the liner wall) must stretch into the excavated area. The bottom edge seam should be located in the cove area all the way around the pool when the pool is full of water. Stretch the liner properly or you will end up with the bottom edge seam somewhere on the bottom of the pool and not enough liner wall to go over the steel wall to complete the installation. When this happens you may think you've received the wrong liner, when in fact the liner was improperly stretched into place.
Cleaning Liner:
If you decide to drain the pool to clean the liner, or for any reason, you must leave at least 1 foot (12 inches) of water, measured from ground level up the metal sidewall, in the pool. Failure to comply with this warning may void the warranty.
Liner Replacement:
If you decide to replace the liner, you must have the replacement liner at the pool site and ready for immediate installation. DO NOT leave the pool standing without a liner. DO NOT attempt to install the replacement liner on a windy day. Severe wind damage to your pool may result.

Make sure entire framework and all top connectors are INSTALLED. Pool should look as if its finished except for liner. Remember liner is installed over framework until pool is partially filled.

Important Step: At this time, fill in all excavations on outside of pool. Cover inside pressure pads, tension straps and horizontal beams with approximately 3" of damp sifted earth; tamp and blend to bottom of pool. Check pool framework to assure level installation. Place the level on each top rail, working gradually around pool, to assure framework is on flat ground with opposite sides no more than 1 inch out of level. Remember: Always remove dirt to adjust framework - never fill in! Use level to check straightness of verticals. Using Stake A as center point, measure from stake to pool wall to assure roundness of ends. Measure to left wall, right wall, and to each connector at pool end as shown above. Distance should be equal at all points. Follow same procedure using Stake B as center point for opposite end. .

Important Step: The cove is a vital structural element that prevents water pressure from forcing the pool liner out under the bottom rail. The manufacturer will not assume responsibility should the cove be omitted. EARTH COVE (NEVER USE SAND): Use screened damp earth to form a cove around the inside base of pool wall. Shape and compact firmly. PRE-FORMED: Specially designed pre-formed pool cove is available from your dealer. Follow cove manufacturer's instructions. Recheck pool for roundness after installing cove.

Remove all stakes. Check the pool floor (area inside pool wall) for levelness. For excavated pools, check flatness of tapered area with 29' x 4" board. Fill in all slight depressions with sifted earth and tamp. Remove all stones and sharp objects. Fill in all footprints on pool floor. Place liner on top of top rail (at shallow end if excavated pool). The loose end should overhang outside of pool by about 12 inches. Hold end and unroll liner down middle of pool as you would a carpet. Do not place liner side seam over skimmer or return fitting opening. The center seam of the liner must be positioned at the center line of the pool for 12 and 21-foot wide pools. For 16 and 18-foot wide pools, position the center liner section (not the seam) at the center line of the pool. For excavated pools, the center seam or center section of the liner must begin at the shallow end and and run along the center line of the pool to the deep end. NOTE: The embossed side of the liner will be the water side.

Work in both directions from the point where the liner is overhanging. Unfold liner, drape over the top rail and down the sides approximately 24 inches. The liner should be barely above the pool floor in the center ONLY. Remember that the center seam or center section of the liner must be positioned at the center line of the pool. The bottom edge seam of the liner should be inside the pool about 12 inches below the top rails. Correct any bunching or pleating conditions in the liner wall. Inspect liner for open seams. If found, return to dealer for prompt replacement of liner.

With the liner in position, hold in place by attaching two clothespins on the underside of each top rail. Carefully cover the end of a garden hose as shown, place it in the pool and begin to fill. As pool fills, the liner will stretch as the water begins to cover the bottom. At this time, check the sidewall for extreme tautness. Clothespins do not self-release. Any area that feels tight should be relieved by releasing the clothespins and allowing the liner to feed back into the pool until the desired tautness is achieved. Re-clamp clothespins before you proceed around the pool checking and re-clamping. Remember that you are monitoring a minimum tightness of liner over rail that will control the liner seating itself against the pool floor and up the side with no wrinkles. Continue monitoring the liner tension as the water is approaching and covering the cove area of the pool. Be sure the liner is evenly distributed over the rail without any bunching or pleating. It this occurs, correct as you are adjusting the liner tension. To correct, grasp the liner wall nearest the wrinkled area. Pull and lift the liner wall just enough to stretch out wrinkles or pleats. It is easier if you wait until there is 1 to 2 inches of water over the wrinkled area before you try to remove it. This allows the weight of the water to hold liner flat on the ground, keeping out wrinkles after you remove them. Pull any excess liner over the rail and re-clamp in position so that a minimum tautness prevents further wrinkling. Double check around the pool so that you have an even tension on the liner wall down to the liner floor Do not attempt to lift and pull the liner with more than 4 inches of water in the wrinkled area. Damage to the liner may occur. When the water is approximately 6 inches up the metal wall and covering the cove, there should be just barely enough tension on the liner lo control a wrinkle free installation.

Continue filling pool. NEVER allow liner to fall back in pool. Water between the liner and wall can cause pool failure. When pool has approximately 24 inches of water stop filling. Do not resume until Steps 24, 25, and 26 are completed. CAUTION: Do not cut any openings into liner at this time.

With the help of two or three people, raise and hold the liner from three top rail sections. Remove the attaching hardware at the top rail connectors, three top rails, three vertical end caps and three stabilizer rails. REMEMBER: Never let the liner fall back into the pool

Make a return hem as illustrated. Smooth liner against wall and secure to top of wall with plastic coping. Place stabililizer rails over coping, alternately telescoping small diameter into large diameter about 6 inches as before. Replace all parts moved in Step 24. Repeat same steps for entire pool perimeter, working just three sections at a time. DO NOT allow liner to fall back into pool. NOTE: Large stabilizer rails fit in between supports. They do not telescope.

With pool completely assembled, install skimmer, filter, etc. using instructions provided with units.

Now that you have installed your new pool liner, Doughboy Recreational would like you to know we are very concerned about your family’s safety; so we have provided an assortment of safety literature with your new Doughboy pool. You will have years of fun and enjoyment with your new pool, but it is also a big responsibility. Please take the time to read, and understand all the safety literature provided. We have also provided you with an assortment of signs and decals. It is mandatory that you use these signs and decals. We have provided you with a booklet titled "Read Me First," which will give you a detailed description of where and how to apply them. Remember, warnings only help if you put them up Please help us protect the good health and safety of your family and friends Read the ..Read Me First.. book through completely and follow the directions in it Don forget get to use the marking pen that we provided to write the number of a rescue agency on the signs and on the back of your "Read Me First booklet If any of your safety literature, signs or decals become lost or damaged; you can get more free by contacting Doughboy's Customer Service ice Department: Doughboy Recreational 10959 Jersey Boulevard Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-5194.
Change of Design:
Doughboy Recreational expressly reserves the right to change or modify the design and construction of any product in due course of our manufacturing procedures, without incurring any obligation or liability to furnish or install such changes or modifications on products previously or subsequently sold.